My daughter's parked car was hit by a taxi driver- if we claim from his insurer, will her premiums increase?

My daughters Volkswagen Up was parked outside our house when a taxi hit the rear bumper on Christmas Eve. He tried to drive off but the occupants stopped him and I have his details. I contacted the taxi company - he is an owner driver so has his own insurance. I am concerned that if he obtains my daughter's insurance details then a claim will be logged against the car and her premiums will go up - the damage is £280 for a bumper respray. If he claims on his insurance, will I need to inform my daughter's insurance company of a no fault claim? I've heard that some insurance companies increase renewal premiums when this happens. I'm mindful that it may be cheaper to pay for the repairs myself rather than risk a 20-30 per cent premium increase for a 19 year old with a perfect driving history so far.

Asked on 15 January 2018 by richard williams

Answered by Tim Kelly
He cannot pursue a claim from your daughter, as it was his fault. Unfortunately, if you are claiming, you should notify your insurer. If insurers are not involved, then it does not go on CUE (the insurer database that records and affects your premiums). Get the car repaired, have an invoice, then go on claims online and register a claim directly against the driver, not his insurer. As it is then a civil claim, as long as insurers are not involved, “CUE” will not get updated.
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