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My car was written off - how will my insurer calculate the premium increase for all four policies I'm on?

A guy drove into the back of my old trusty Volkswagen while parked and unattended outside of my house. The amount of damage has been enough to be declared a write-off. The driver wishes to pay for the cost of the vehicle and not go through his insurance in order to protect his NCB. I don't mind doing this but having contacted my insurance company already, I now know this will impact my renewal price next year. I have two cars and am a named driver on two others, so I assume this could potentially affect all of the policies but the insurance company cannot say by how much until renewal. If I claim through the insurance I understand I can claim for these increases, but obviously if I take a payment from the driver this won't be possible. I cannot see it being easy to calculate this extra charge each year. I have tried online comparison sites and seen an increase between zero and £24 on one vehicle when a no fault claim is included or excluded - so could potentially be £100 per year for three years.

Asked on 6 July 2018 by Anthony Freeman

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you have contacted your insurer, you must advise that this is for information only and you are in no way making a claim. If your premium goes up as a result, raise a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service. It's not easy at all claiming these increases because, if you settle without your insurer involved, many solicitors and claims management companies don't know how to properly calculate these increases. It may have been better not making your insurer aware if the claim had been settled privately, then you could have just settled the cost of the write off/damage rather than all the premium increases as well.
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