My daughter informed her insurer that she scratched another car - will her premium increase even though she didn't claim?

My daughter passed her driving test recently. She scratched another vehicle and the owner agreed to settle. For the minor scratch he sent her a bill of £500, which she paid by bank transfer (without revealing to her parents at the time, for fear of embarrassment). She also told her insurance firm about the minor damage, and they sent her a long incident form to complete. Now that she's revealed all this to me, I want to know if her premium willgo up next year because she had an accident, even though she did not claim on her insurance. She is very worried that her insurance premium will go up. What does she need to mention on the incident form?

Asked on 31 August 2018 by Fred500

Answered by Tim Kelly
If your daughter has notified her insurer "for information purposes only" then she should not lose her NCB as no claim has been made. However, her premium may go up as they may see her as an additional risk. She would need to advise when obtaining a quote that she has had an incident that could have lay raise to a claim being made from her insurer, but no claims was made. Don't use a price comparison site when getting a quote in this situation, you need to speak to either a broker or an insurer directly and word it exactly as I have.
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