I was involved in an accident, but my vehicle was barely damaged - should I tell my insurer?

I was stopped on a slip road waiting to merge onto a duel carriageway. A car then ran into the back of my motorhome. There was a huge bump to his bumper and some grill loss. There was only a minor scrape on my vehicle because he hit my tow bar mount, which also forms a barrier to my light clusters. He admitted that it was his fault, so we left it at that and agreed to pay for our own repairs. Should I still report the accident to my insurance company and the police?

Asked on 20 August 2018 by jimbob nelson

Answered by Tim Kelly
It is completely up to you whether you intend to claim or not. Your insurer will tell you that you must make them aware of any incident, this is not the case though. Under the Road Traffic Act 1930, the need to contact your insurer was because the insurer needs to be aware of anyone seeking rise to a claim. As you are not making a claim, then you do not need too. What I would say is that if the damage to his vehicle was that great, it is highly unlikely your vehicle is undamaged. I would get it checked out. You may well find that you need to make a claim and notify your insurer.
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