Can an insurer threaten to void a policy for not disclosing a part-time job?

My son passed his test in July 2017 and he got insurance in his own name with Go Girl (Sabre) at £1550 per year for his 2012 Vauxhal Corsa 1.2. Unfortunately he collided with another car just before Christmas (appears to be a fault claim) and both cars look like being written off. When he phoned Go Girl, they asked him his occupation. On his policy application, he had stated student, but had subsequently taken a gap job in a factory until he enters university. He told them what he was currently doing, and as as result they are threatening to cancel his policy unless he pays them an extra fee. They started at £1100 extra but reduced this to £810 when he tried to describe what he does. I feel they are holding him to ransom in this case. Can we ask the insurance ombudsman to get involved at his point? When he described the damage to the person on the phone the day after the accident the day after they said it would be total loss and refused a courtesy car. Three weeks later and today they phoned with this demand for more money. Can you advise where we stand?

Asked on 11 January 2018 by deanm98

Answered by Honest John
If your son was travelling to the factory when the accident happened, the insurer could cancel the policy. Your son would also be liable for the claim against him, and would not get paid out for his vehicle as a result of his non-disclosure. The insurer is treating your son a lot more fairly than others. Pay the money, get the claim resolved, then complain. Yes you can get the Financial Ombudsman Service involved at this stage, phone them up.
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