Can I cancel a credit hire car agreement after an accident?

I'm wondering if there is any way I could get out of credit hire agreement. I did not accept the hire car and the third party insurer wrote my vehicle off, so at the moment the costs are for engineers' time, reports and staff time. The whole ordeal is making me feel ill. I feel I can get on in life without a vehicle and do without the anxiety and stress. My case is a supposed no fault, but I have no witness. Yet the other guy has a witness (who was not actually at the scene of incident though), therefore giving him the advantage. I do not want to pay for court costs.

Asked on 2 January 2018 by tack

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, you can if you wish. In fact, you should incur no cost whatsoever. But, the credit hire company who took the claim on should not have done if they thought you were at fault. If if was the other party's fault, you are entitled to another vehicle. Ask the credit hire company to put in writing to the third party insurer whether they have admitted liability. They cannot advise your car is a total loss if they have not.
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