My insurer have handed my claim to an accident management company - should I be wary?

My insurance company, Hastings Direct, have referred me through to Auxillis for repair work and hire car following an accident. The other driver went into the back of me, but he is disputing liability and has lied to his insurance company about the events of the accident. He's claiming I changed lanes and went into him. There are no witnesses or footage, and there's very little evidence other than the damage to the cars and his actions throughout (he refused to disclose his full details then left the scene, he didn't report the accident to the police or his insurers). I'm worried that if I sign up with Auxilis and the liability dispute doesn't go in my favour (my insurers have said that in the worst case scenario, it would be split liability) then I could be left with hefty charges from this credit company. I don't know what my options are and I don't feel confident with the wording of the documents I'm meant to sign to go ahead and get my repairs done.

Asked on 9 February 2018 by Sarah Charlton

Answered by Tim Kelly
Auxillis are an accident management company and Hastings are profiteering from your claim. You can ask to have the claim go directly through them rather than an accident management company, as well as have Hastings arrange a courtesy car rather than a 'credit hire car'. It's then in the hands of your insurer to sort out and you have no financial risk. If the other party has hit you in the rear, he would have to prove you either reversed into him or crossed immediately into his path (not allowing him space to stop). It's highly unlikely he could prove that. If you aren't happy with what you're being asked to sign. don't do it. Although, I personally don't think you will have an issue if you go through Auxilis because it should be clear cut.
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