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Why is this accident management company harassing us after a minor accident?

On 19 February I was sitting in the passenger seat of my parked car (husband had gone into a shop). A large DHL lorry drove past indicating he was turning right. As he turned, the back end of the lorry struck my car, rocking it and striking the rear end. I managed to find the driver, who was unaware and apologised. Details were exchanged and a witness gave evidence. Thankfullly, the car was drivable as we were 50 miles from home and I wasn’t hurt though very shocked. I reported the accident to Saga on reaching home.

We were later contacted by Claimfast and Acromas concerning the arrangements for repairs and told we would be given a courtesy car, which we declined. However they said we would still be given one. The car was delivered and we signed for a £1 credit card, which we were told was standard practice. We asked for the car to be picked when our own was returned on the Friday, which wasn’t done until the Monday. The car repairs cost £2,000 and were satisfactory. However, since then, we have had at least six letters concerning this incident from Acromas and today from Claimfast, asking would I be prepared to go to court. I said yes even though this could involve a long journey and I am in my late 70s.

I feel really upset and distressed about all this harassment, after all I am the innocent party sitting in the passenger seat of my legally parked own car, taxed and insured clean driving licence for 40 years. What should I do? Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do hope you can reassure me as I feel persecuted for something that certainly wasn’t my fault.

Asked on 28 May 2011 by MM, Hawick

Answered by Honest John
This is the standard situation that accident management companies and credit hire operators put people in. What will have happened is that the other party's insurer has refused to foot the high bill for the credit hire car, leaving you personally liable, though you may have taken out an additional insurance against this. You may now be pressured into being a favourable witness for the credit hire operator. Possibly with the threat that if the bill is not fully paid, you will be personally liable. Do not lie in court. State the fact that though your car was repaired and returned on the Friday, the credit hire car was not collected until the Monday. You did not want or need it from Friday to Monday and you did not touch it, so you should not in any way be held liable for those two days hire.
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