If I get a fixed penalty abroad, do the points go on my UK licence?

If I get a fixed penalty abroad, i.e. in Spain for 150 Euros for 68kmh in a 60kmh limit, are the points put on my UK licence? I assume I would need to tell my UK insurer.

Asked on 11 December 2017 by edward russell

Answered by Tim Kelly
If you have paid in Spain, then no you do not have to declare and you will not get points on your license. You do not need to tell your insurer either, it is not in the UK jurisdiction of law. But if you do not pay it, the law does allow them to contact the relevant authorities over here and have you pursued for these offences. I might have to double check this as I'm working from memory, but believe it is true. Always pay the fine in the country you are in whilst you are there.
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