I passed my test six months ago and got caught speeding - what points will I get?

I was driving round a bend on a dual carriageway doing a silly 90mph. I couldn’t pull in as there was a row of traffic and a car behind me. As I turned round the bend, I noticed a mobile police van on the bridge above the carriage way. I slammed on my breaks and got down to the speed limit. Do you think it got me? If so, what's the price and points I’m going to be paying for my careless driving? I only passed my driving test six months ago.

Asked on 3 October 2017 by jamie Thomas

Answered by Honest John
A high chance I'm afraid. If the guy in the van was good he'll have set his system to pick you up as soon as you rounded the curve, before you spotted him. Your speedo probably exaggerated and you might have only been doing around 80 when he got you, so most likely three points and a fine.
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