I got caught doing 20mph in a 30mph zone - should I take the points or do the speeding course?

I just received a speeding enforcement notice doing 30mph in a 20mph zone. If i pay the £100 fine and take three points, will this effect my insurance premiums? Or would it pay to spend £100 to go to the speed awareness course pay and get no penalty points? Also, should I have an SP code?

Asked on 24 October 2017 by TERRY COLE

Answered by Honest John
Though we do not condone speeding in any way, I would challenge this as technically it is not enforceable unless certain requirements are in place. Have a read of www.20splenty.org/police_enforcement

Then there are the technical points if a zone is not enforceable, but a limit is: www.roadsafetygb.org.uk/news/2709.html

In terms of having points or attending a workshop application, always take the workshop. If you do that, you have no points or SP code. But next time, I would suggest being more aware of your surroundings. I personally feel that fines should be heavy for going passed a speed, even if cautionary at 20mph. The difference in distance stopping at 30mph compared to 20mph is a life. It is generally these places that have the highest risk of causing injuries to others.
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