Do I have to insure my car even though it's just parked outside my house for the forseeable future?

My vehicle is parked on the road outside my house when not in use. I'm visiting my daughter in Australia soon and expect to be out of the country for approximately five months. I have tax and MoT on the vehicle for another ten months, so both the tax and MoT will be current when I return. My insurance is due for renewal just under a month after I leave the country. The vehicle will not be used during my absence. Does the law still require me to insure the vehicle just to park it on the road outside my house while I'm out of the country?

Asked on 21 November 2017 by David Pidcott

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes, the vehicle must be continually insured at all times - unless it's put on SORN and is taken off the road. It's an offence under the Road Traffic Act to have an uninsured vehicle on a public road.
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