My insurance details aren't showing on MID - what should I do?

I renewed my insurance on 118 October through Sainsbury's insurance and paid for the policy in full. However, as to yet, my details do not show up on MID. I have contacted Sainsbury's insurance every two days to see what they have done and they keep telling me they are looking into it. I contacted MID myself but they don't deal with the public. How can I get my details on the MID?

Asked on 6 November 2017 by Keith Parker

Answered by Tim Kelly
They can occasionally take time, but not this amount of time, something is wrong. Contact Sainsbury's insurance and insist on speaking to a manager, do not be fobbed of in any way. Advise that you have taken out insurance and that it's not showing on MID, as a result you could have your car impounded and be fined for no insurance due to Sainsbury's incompetence. Have them go through all your details, your vehicle registration (I would hazard a guess and say this has been taken down incorrectly) and make sure everything is as it should be. Raise a complaint and advise that you wish for them to note it as a "chief executive complaint". Also, call the Financial Ombudsman Service and raise a complaint, they will advise they cannot look into it for weeks but that does not matter at this time. The FOS will then contact the insurer, they will get charged £500 by the FOS for having an open complaint. At this point, things should start moving as they now realise that if they do not resolve, it will cost them £500. Advise your insurer that they will need to provide a hire car for you and insure it in the mean time as they are denying you the use of your vehicle.
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