Can I still drive my Cat N car?

I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault. The claims company has deemed my car a write off, Cat N. The damage was all cosmetic - the rear quarter panel, rear door and front door where damaged slightly. The front wing took most of the damage, but again it's only cosmetic. The repair quote was just over £5000, so they wrote it off as Cat N. Now I plan to have the wing replaced as it doesn't look nice, but it did pass an MoT today so the car is safe. Will the MoT be enough for the insurance company to allow me to keep driving the car? The report from the engineer never mentioned any mechanical or structural damage. I did drive the car home and I never noticed any difference.

Asked on 31 October 2017 by gary

Answered by Tim Kelly
You need nothing to continue using the car. As long as the vehicle is roadworthy, it is fine.The new MoT is amply sufficient for an insurer. What was the value of the car? If it was more than the repair cost, your vehicle was not a total loss. As a CAT N, this means it is "non structural damage".
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