I had a replacement windscreen fitted - is it my insurer's responsibility to pay for the rain sensor tech replacement?

I recently had fitted a replacement windscreen on my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This was arranged through my insurer's approved suppliers, Autowindscreens, to whom I paid my excess of £75.They were told the car was fitted with a rain sensor. Autowindscreens were very efficient and the new screen was fitted at my home. Only later, when it rained, I discovered that the variable intermittent mode was not working correctly. Autowindscreens said that the wipers needed reprogramming which could only be done by a Mitsubishi dealer. I duly had this carried out by the dealer and the wipers now work correctly. The problem is that I am now some £48 out of pocket and neither my insurers or Autowindscreens are willing to reimburse me, with each of them saying it was the other's responsibility.

Asked on 29 September 2017 by

Answered by Honest John
It certainly is not your problem. In this case, your contract is with your insurer, they just appointed Autowindscreens. So, it's your insurer that is providing a policy of indemnity to cover your loss. They are under contract to reimburse you. Any issues, raise a complaint. Advise your insurer that you are also escalating to the Financial Ombudsman. The FOS charge £500 to the insurer to review complaints, so if your insurer has any common sense they should agree to pay your £48 fairly swiftly on becoming aware of this.
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