Have I been involved in a credit hire scam?

I had a car accident in early June this year. I was led down the path of an accident management company and car hire. The management company have asked me to sign a Form of Authority so their solicitor can claim back the hire cost on my behalf. They have written that they indemnify me against all costs. Should I sign it? Am I still at risk?

Asked on 11 September 2017 by DAVE JUSTICE

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes you need to sign it to engage in a contract with them. Always read any contract you ever enter into. Ask if they provide "after the event insurance", I would always suggest you get it. You can only claim for "credit hire" if you fulfil certain criteria. One of which is that you need to be "impecunious", i.e. you don't have the funds to go and hire a vehicle yourself. You are always at risk if you do not read the contract. The accident management company should talk you through and explain everything to you, make sure they do. For a full guide: www.honestjohn.co.uk/insurance/advice/how-to-claim.../
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