My BMW 3 Series was delivered with a cracked windscreen - is the dealer liable to replace it?

I had a used 2014 BMW 3 Series delivered to me by the BMW dealer this afternoon. Before we went for a test drive, I noticed a fairly large chip on the windscreen close to the middle, on the passengers side. This chip was not there when we agreed to buy the car over the weekend, nor was it spotted during final delivery checks. So it must've happened on the drive from the dealership to my house. The delivery driver was surprised to find the chip and we called the dealer. The dealership agreed to take the car back, repair it and redeliver it - but not replace the windscreen. They didn't agree to reduce the price of the car, saying this isn't a new car. Is this fair?

Asked on 2 August 2017 by Saijyothi Udyawar

Answered by Honest John
Write to the dealer stating that as soon as the car is delivered to you, you will take it to an MoT centre and check if the repaired chip in the screen will pass the MoT. If it will, you will accept the car. if it won't you will reject the car unless the windscreen is replaced.
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