Do I have to show my insurer an invoice for my written off car for them to provide a settlement figure?

Someone crashed into me a few weeks ago and my insurance company have informed me that my car is a write-off. They are refusing to provide me with a settlement figure unless I forward them the invoice for car. I'm not happy about having to provide this information, as I bought the car from a friend and received a considerable discount. I believe that showing the insurance company the invoice will prejudice my case. To replace my car for one in the same condition will cost at least £3000 more than I paid for it. Am I obliged to show the insurance company the invoice for the car?

Asked on 11 July 2017 by meg

Answered by Tim Kelly
No you don't have to show them, it has no bearing on your claim - especially when you are the injured party. They are acting as an agent on your behalf at the moment, under what is called a subrogated claim. It's as if you are claiming from the at fault party, but you have appointed them your rights to claim on your behalf. Your rights when an accident that is not your fault are here:

You are entitled to the full market value of your vehicle at the point of loss. Your insurer cannot deny you these rights. These are your lawful entitlement, if they do not pay out the full market value of your vehicle at the point of loss, advise them you wish to raise a chief executive complaint that needs to be addressed by their compliance officer. Your complaint is they are breaching FCA regulations under ICOBS 8.3.3 "conflicts of interest": Advise they will be reported to the FCA for breaching the regulations should you not receive your lawful entitlement.
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