How can I legally travel and drive abroad with no fixed UK address?

My husband and I plan to sell our house, bank most of the money and buy a camper van, travel in Greece/Europe for about six months before returning to the UK and buying a new home. How can we stay legal - and insured - if we don't have a permanent UK address? Obviously, we can buy and insure the van before we leave but would things still be valid if we didn't notify anyone we'd sold the property?

Asked on 26 May 2017 by Francesca Peterson

Answered by Tim Kelly
In short, doing it that way isn't legal. Technically the policy would not be valid. What I would do is have a good chat with a broker and ask them to provide a policy that would allow you to do it with no permanent address. The alternative is to change your place of residence and change your electoral role to that of a friend or relative.
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