Why have I lost my no claims bonus while I've been living abroad?

I've been living in Australia for the last three and half years. I'm 48 years old and have had eight years no claims bonus, but I've spoken to an insurance company and they have advised me that my no claims bonus is not valid anymore. I have been quoted over £2000 pounds for insuring an Audi A4. Please can you advise me if this is true and can I get help to get cheaper insurance?

Asked on 16 January 2018 by claire ball

Answered by Tim Kelly
Unfortunately so, if you let your no claims lapse for more than three years, it reverts to zero. There are insurers who will take you being out of the country into consideration, if you can prove you had no claims in Australia whilst over there and show proof of no claims over here as well, they may credit you with them. Ring insurers directly rather than price comparison sites and also speak to brokers. They should be able to advise of more helpful insurers that should be able to assist you.
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