Is an automatic licence considered a full licence?

My wife, 72, has an excellent driving record over almost 50 years, but on an automatic only licence. As well as our cars, obviously automatic, she has been a named driver on our daughter's automatic car, although never actually used it. Recently, the insurer of our daughter's car asked for a copy of my wife's driving licence, even though there were no issues pending. Our daughter has now received a complaint from her insurer's saying they have been misled and want an extra £130 for my wife to continue as a named driver. Under the circumstances we have declined and her name has been removed. This raises the issue that potentially we have not been accurate with our own insurances. When forms have asked "do you have a FULL licence" we have always said yes because we assumed this was being compared with a provisional licence. Have we been inaccurate in this respect and, even if we have, why should there be a penalty for driving an automatic car with an automatic licence?

Asked on 22 May 2017 by Adrian A

Answered by Tim Kelly
The insurer is the one who has made the mistake not you. Your daughter has clearly been dealing with someone who does not have a clue what they are doing. A license for an automatic vehicle is a full license. There should not be any penalty for driving an automatic car with an automatic license. Your daughter needs to raise a complaint to the insurer and then raise it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. She can do so here
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