If a claim has been paid, can the insurer claim it back?

If your insurance has already paid your claim and the money is in the bank, can they then make you pay it back? They are asking for it back because they may not be able to hold the third party fully at fault as there are no witness and a lack of evidence.

Asked on 18 April 2017 by Judith Gaffney

Answered by Tim Kelly
No they cannot. You are dealing with a claim under contract, it does not matter who's fault it is. There need not even be a third party involved, the insurer has to oblige its contract for its insured losses. This may not be the case for your uninsured losses that are not covered in contract. However, if you're dealing with an accident management company or a solicitors, this may not be the case. Make sure you are dealing with your insurer, not someone they have passed you onto.
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