How do you advise I proceed with a claim for a no fault accident?

While parked in a supermarket car park, the rear of my car was hit by a lady driving into to the space to my right. The driver of the vehicle parked in the bay to her right witnessed the accident and I have his details. She provided her contact details, and I have contacted her and was told by her that her secretary would handle it. I have obtained an estimate for the repair, which I have forwarded to her and requested details of her insurer. I suspect that she may be messing me about and have written to say that unless I hear by tomorrow morning if she is going to settle this claim privately, I will take some other route to reimbursement for the repair. Should this be direct to her insurer, through the site that you seem to have suggested in other replies, or via my own vehicle's insurer, which includes legal cover?

Asked on 5 July 2017 by Paul-ST3

Answered by Tim Kelly
You can either claim via your own insurer, your legal cover on your policy, her insurer, through an accident/claims management company or through claims online. You have done your due diligence in providing her the opportunity. Personally, I would either claim through my legal assistance or through an accident management company, if things got awkward, as a last resort my insurer. Read my guides on the pro's and con's:

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