Can I use video footage to prove a false injury claim in a minor collision?

A friend of mine had a minor collision recently. It happened in near stationery traffic and he went into the back of a taxi. His car only had a scratch but the taxi received a dent. The driver and passenger of the taxi got out and exchanged insurance details with my friend. Meanwhile my friend's partner video recorded everything on his phone in case there were any issues later on. Both parties drove away agreeing to tell their respective insurance companies about the incident. A few days later my friend received a solicitors letter alleging that he had caused injury to both the other parties and that they would be suing for an undisclosed sum. My friend's insurers said that they had not even received notification of the incident at this point and were very surprised that my friend was contacted directly. They asked him to forward them the letter. I said that if any people had been injured at the time then the police should have been called but this did not happen. Also, my friend's video shows the passenger from the taxi spent the entire time using social media on their phone while waiting for details to be exchanged. Does my friend have anything to be concerned about or are the other parties 'trying it on' in the hope that intimidation will get them money. My friend has already lost two years of his no claims discount due to the incident and will pay for his own repair. What advice can you give?

Asked on 9 March 2017 by Neil Littman

Answered by Honest John
They are trying it on. So definitely save all that phone video footage and make sure you have it as evidence to present in court if necessary.
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