What's the best way to deal with a fraudulent insurance claim?

My daughter received an email from her insurance company, but addressed to a different person. She deleted this thinking it was spam. She then received a letter saying she needed to reply to them urgently to address the claim against her. She contacted them as she had not been involved in any accident. A car matching her make, model, colour and registration had apparently crashed into a car in Norwich. My daughter told them that she had never been to Norwich and that her car had not been out of the area in months. They have asked her to prove this and were really very off hand and unhelpful. She has sent all manner of information to them but now has to wait for a response to come from the other insurance company. What action should she take?

Asked on 11 March 2017 by Jane Weir

Answered by Honest John
Threaten to sue her insurer for the damage inflicted on her of being accused of an incident in which she was not involved. Work out the financial damage, send them an itemised bill for it and threaten Small Claims if they do not respond. That should get some favourable action.
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