Should I get legal representation for a driver who is claiming personal injury after an accident we had?

A few months ago a woman stopped dead on a roundabout and I went in to the back of her car. I wasn't going fast and both cars were drivable afterwards. I had two kids in the back who were both fine. She parked at the opposite side of the road to swap details but I never went across as didn't want to leave the kids alone in the car. She seemed fine as did her passenger. Now it transpires that three people are claiming personal injury claims against me. I've received a letter from my insurance company's legal representation saying they have concerns about the case and think I should seek legal representation. I'm fully comp with legal cover. What does this mean?

Asked on 13 March 2017 by Jo

Answered by Honest John
The law has changed and now assesses personal injury claims for life rather than for a fixed period, which makes them more expensive. Your insurer has to cover you, but probably wants to defend the claim as it does not believe the claims of the occupants of the other car. But I can't see why you should need legal representation at your expense. You need to clarify this with your insurer.
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