My warranty does not cover my broken 2015 For Focus because the wrong oil was used - what do I do?

I bought a 2015 Ford Focus ST TDCi and have done 17,402 miles. It has now broken and I've been told by Ford it is not covered by warranty because the wrong grade of oil in it. It has cost me a lot of money, what should I do?

Asked on 6 February 2017 by Paul

Answered by Honest John
Who did you buy the car from? Because if you bought it within 6 months, the dealer you bought it from is liable: If you have had it since new and always had it serviced by Ford dealers then that Ford dealer is liable. If you have had it independently serviced then you might be able to hold the independent servicing garage responsible. If you changed the oil yourself then, sorry, the problem is down to you.
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