Nissan will pay 75% of the parts cost for my broken Nissan CVT gearbox- is this reasonable?

I purchased a Nissan Qashqai Acenta 1.6 CVT approximately in October 2015. It was an ex-motabilty, done less that 8,000 miles and had been serviced 3 times since new. After completing somewhat less than 10,00 further miles, the CVT gearbox has failed and needs to be replaced at a cost of £6,000 replacement parts and circa £800 labour. Nissan have agreed as an act of goodwill to pay 75% of the cost of the parts. Obviously I do not know but, from further conversations, I believe that Nissan would have paid the whole cost of the part had I had the car serviced since buying it. Unfortunately I had delayed getting the car serviced at its first MOT in July as my garage had agreed that 4 services for a car that had done 14,00 miles was excessive. I have not contacted the dealer about this issue as I do not think I have any hope of redress from them.

In the circumstances is the offer of 75% reasonable? Do I have any hope of further redress? Also I understand that, in the USA, at no cost to owners of Nissan cars with CVT gearboxes the warranty on that part has been increased from 5 years and 60,000 miles to 10 years and 120,000 miles and that any owner that had paid for repairs before the warranty was increased would get a full refund of the cost including labour. Why is there such a disparity of treatment between the UK and USA?

Asked on 8 January 2017 by David Bsterfield

Answered by Honest John
Very common problem with Nissan CVT which is why I emphatically do not recommend them. Not "reasonable" to expect anything from the dealer because you bought the car 15 months ago (but it's still worth asking). Consumer laws are much tougher in the USA than they are in Europe, particularly against non US manufacturers and the NHTSA has much sharper teeth than any equivalent in Europe. You don't say how old the car is, but it hasn't been serviced correctly so in the circumstances 75% from Nissan seems generous to me.
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