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Buying a small auto - B-MAX or Jazz?

We currently own a Suzuki Swift with a manual gearbox on a 2007 plate. We are considering changing it for a 1.6 petrol Ford B-MAX (2013 model) with a PowerShift gearbox. Or a Honda Jazz 1.4 CVT on a 2012 plate. However, I read that the Ford PowerShift gearbox is a bad investment, while the Jazz is not comfortable on longer journeys. Is this an over generalisation?

Asked on 21 November 2016 by John O

Answered by Honest John
Not an over-generalisation. The Jazz is far more reliable. How comfortable it is on a long run depends on your weight and shape. We have one in Thailand and, though not the most comfortable car I've driven, I've done 200 miles with no pain.
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