How reliable is the Audi Q2 S Tronic?

I am thinking of buying a new Audi Q2 with the seven-speed s tronic automatic gearbox, but am worried about reliability. I'm assuming that the seven-speed gearbox is new, but don't really know how the wet clutch system works. Can you tell me if I should get a Q2, or would I be better choosing a car with a torque converter gearbox?

Asked on 7 November 2016 by newb

Answered by Honest John
The Q2 has the new dual wet clutch seven-speed DSG/s-tronic that is much more robust than the previous dual dry clutch seven-speed DSG/s-tronic. Yes, the new wet clutch transmission in testing for years and is gradually replacing the old dry-clutch transmission as VAG replaces its models with new ones. No history yet of problems with the dual wet clutch seven-speed DSG/s-tronic and it is much better to drive than both the old dual dry clutch seven-speed DSG/s-tronic and the old dual wet clutch 6-speed DSG/s-tronic. This old road test explains how they work: (It was obviously written before all the problems developed with DSGs/s-tronics).
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