The car I recently purchased has several faults - what are my rights?

We’ve purchased a 2019 Nissan Qashqai and in the 10 days we've had it we've had a number of problems with it.

We had tyre pressure warning light come on within 30 minutes of collecting the car and found a split in one tyre. The system fault warning light is on all the time and doesn’t recognise all speed limits, while the stop/start only holds engine off for a few seconds.

Yesterday the battery in the first key fob packed up so I used the second key fob. Having parked the car for a short while, the fob wouldn't unlock the car. I removed the key from the fob to open the door at which point the alarm went off. After holding the key fob next to the stop start button for 20 minutes I managed to start the car and drive home with the fault light showing system failure and various other symbols also lit up.

I phoned the main agent who we bought the car from and told them they could come pick it up and as far as I was concerned they could have it back. We were told when we bought the car they checked everything - nothing had been checked since it was last serviced in July and has been siting on their forecourt ever since. I’m waiting to hear back from them but I’ve lost confidence in the car.

Asked on 8 November 2021 by Steve

Answered by Dan Powell
If you have owned the car for less than 30 days then you may have grounds to reject the car under 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

However, if you have owned the car for longer than 30 days then the dealer is entitled to be given the opportunity to fix the car.

Obviously, if you are really unhappy with the vehicle the dealer may agree to take it back. But they will probably make a deduction for the usage you've already had from the car.

For your consumer rights, see:
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