My used car has had faults since I bought it - will my warranty cover them?

I purchased a used Jeep Wrangler from a dealer for £20,000. They told me the car had been serviced by themselves, including all oil changes. Upon driving home, the car didn't feel right. I rang the dealer and he said all should be okay, if I had any problems to call Warranties 2000. I registered my issues with them and explained my worry about the clutch or gearbox (that's my guess as to what's wrong). I'm now concerned to as how much this is going to cost me and if they will dispute or payout.

Asked on 25 September 2017 by Nigel Bird

Answered by Honest John
If the problem you are experiencing pre-existed your purchase of the car and the warranty, then it isn't covered by the warranty. A warranty cannot cover a pre-existing fault. The dealer himself is liable for that and remains liable for any fault that could have been present or developing in a car for six months from the purchase date. Seems to me that this dealer is trying to wriggle out of his legal liability:
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