Can you recommend an affordable motorway car for comfort and fuel economy?

I currently drive 20,000 miles per year with most of my commute being motorway. I want to buy a car that majors on comfort and fuel economy.

I have a decent budget but ideally, I want to keep it at the lower end of the cost spectrum so I am considering the Dacia Duster diesel or Honda Jazz hybrid. Would you recommend them for motorway driving or should I consider something else even if it means spending more?

Asked on 20 September 2021 by Corkcolm

Answered by Russell Campbell
Our readers have rated the top-ten cars for comfort, here:

Of that list, the Toyota CH-R might be your best option. It's only sold as a hybrid now so all models get great fuel economy – even on the motorway where the hybrid system doesn't operate at its most efficient. The CH-R has front seats with lots of adjustment and its raised ride height makes it easy to get in and out of and gives you a decent view of the road ahead. It should also be very reliable, although the back seat is a bit tight if you often carry four adults.

The other car I'd recommend on that list is the Peugeot 3008. It's also very comfortable and has plenty of standard kit even on the basic model. It has more passenger and boot space than the Toyota, but not the same reputation for reliability. However, it is available with a diesel engine, which could be the best option for your annual mileage.

Of the cars you mentioned, the Dacia is very well priced and will get great fuel economy, however it's thin sound deadening and upright shape means it suffers from road and wind noise, respectively.

The Honda will get its best fuel economy in town, though should still be very efficient on the motorway. It's very comfortable and has lots of space for its size, but it is quite expensive for a small car.
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