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I have a small estate which was comfortable enough when I purchased it. Recently I have found my back and hips disagreeable - a medical issue. The car is not helping in the slightest. I am offered little...
We would like a small car that is comfortable to drive, quite on the motorway with soft suspension and good fuel economy. Our present car is a Mazda 2 Sport and we feel every bump in the road. What do...
I am thinking of buying a new SUV. Can you tell me which model is the best for comfort?
I am in the market for a new SUV and (at 70) comfort takes precedence over power these days. Which SUV smooths out the bumps and gives a quiet and comfortable ride? I have a budget of £30,000.
I'm 81 and my wife is 70 and we both have difficulty getting in/out of our saloon cars so would like a small SUV. We like our comfort and all the latest modern technologies. What do you suggest?
I am looking for a quiet and comfortable used car for about £10,000. I want petrol car and will consider hybrids/ EVs - although doubt I can afford a good one. Economy is not of real importance, but, that...
What's the most comfortable riding car for rough roads and potholes?
A member of my family suffers from chronic pain and we need a very comfortable car with very soft springing. We currently have a C5 with Hydractive 3 suspension, which has been brilliant but it's reaching...
My wife has a bad back which seems affected by her car, an Audi A1. What small car of a similar size would be better for her? Our budget is £15000.
We need to find the most comfortable riding, reasonably well equipped small/medium sized petrol automatic SUV for up to £30K and wondered what you recommend?

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