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I made a claim on my car. Do I need to tell the insurer for a car which I'm a named driver on?

My insurance on one car is due to renew shortly. It's a three-year fixed price deal. In January, I made a claim on my other car (mouse damage to engine wiring) with the same insurance company. I'm the main driver of both cars. Do I need to declare the mouse damage claim on the second car before renewing the first car's insurance? The renewal letter for the first car says, "As you haven't made any claims or changes during the year that have affected your price, the renewal price is the same as last year." I'm also a named driver on a third car, insured with another company. Does that insurer need to be made aware of the mouse damage claim too? Grateful your advice.

Asked on 2 July 2020 by John M

Answered by Tim Kelly
Yes to all three questions, unfortunately. If you have made a claim on any policy, you will need to declare it to each insurer.
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