My used car developed a fault two months after I bought it - do I have any rights with the dealer?

I collected my used car on the day of lockdown and the garage offered a three-month warranty. With one month left of said warranty, I contacted them because there's a noise around the rear wheel. They've advised that parts only had a one-month warranty. Engine has three apparently, but I've done less than 40 miles due to lockdown. The problem only just developed. Do you think I have a case to push for help in these circumstances?

Asked on 26 May 2020 by Linda Slater

Answered by Dan Powell
The dealer is trying to dodge its legal responsibilities. They can be held liable for any faults that develop within the first six months of ownership, because they are deemed present or developing at the time of sale. Contact the garage and give them the choice of taking the car back (and refunding you in full) or investigating the fault and (if necessary) fixing it free of charge. If they refuse to do either, report them to Trading Standards and seek legal advice to get a refund via the small claims court.

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