Is it fair for insurers to increase renewals if you have contacted them about an incident but decided not to claim?

In a recent question, your answer to a minor no claim accident was it should not affect the cost. I know of an incident where someone hit a deer and contacted the insurer and after finding that the excess was more than the damage did not claim. On renewal, they were charged an extra £50 and told that it had been recorded as a claim. Is that fair?

Asked on 10 March 2020 by david

Answered by Honest John
It most certainly is not fair. You cannot disadvantage a consumer by requesting they contact you in the event of an incident, then increase the premium after they decided not to claim. I would be contacting the insurer and requesting they remove the details and update the data base. This could be a breach of the FCA regulations under ICOBS 2.5.1 "the customers best interest rule".
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