My partner works part time as a carer - what insurance cover does she need?

I am organising my partners' comprehensive car insurance and I am the additional named driver. She has a part-time job, looking after two adults for 2-3 hrs twice a week. She gets paid by the hour, at the start and end for her time with these two people she collects and returns them to and from their home. The two people in question do not pay her, but the person responsible for them 24/7 pays her. She wants to know if she requires any extra car cover such as business commuting. Other than that her normal cover includes social domestic, going to her place of work is all she would normally need. Occasionally she will take them out to a cafe or the shops. Can you assist.?

Asked on 15 January 2020 by Mr Andrew Painton

Answered by Tim Kelly
She is not "commuting to and from a place of work" so you will have the policy repudiated on that basis. She does require additional cover, she is travelling to and from "multiple places of work", and is acting as a carer as her occupation. You may find the consequential rise in insurance is more than she earns. I would suggest your partner certainly protects her no claims bonus, as there is much higher risk attached. Your partner is technically "carrying people for a fare". You have to be very careful. Deal with a good broker to ensure adequate cover is provided.
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