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Now that councils are again starting to comment on the cost of repairing damaged road surfaces after the last bout of winter weather I think the time is appropriate for you to give us readers an update figure that this government collects from yearly ‘Road Tax’. I seem to think the last amount quoted in this paper was over £40 billion with under £10 billion from this being spent on new/repairing roads. So there seems to be plenty left in the "pot" for any current repairs.

Asked on 27 March 2010 by T.L., Broxbourne

Answered by Honest John
It hasn’t been called ‘Road Tax’ for years. It’s ‘Vehicle Excise Duty’. But the total will be about £40 billion. The main scandal is that the government took taxpayers money, gave it to councils in grants to install speed humps (which the councillors handed to their pals to do the work) and now the government has very little taxpayers money left to fix not only the roads damaged by frost and snow, but also the speed humps dangerously damaged by frost and snow to the extent they can lacerate a set of car tyres turning the car into a lethal time bomb. Oh, yes, and the elderly people who are supposed to be 'protected' by speed cushions trip over them, breaking their legs.
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