Whoopee cushions

Attached are pictures of some incredibly bad speed cushions in Cardiff. I think they exemplify the type of badly maintained humps about which you rightly complain each week. Several cars passed very close to the kerb (and my head) as they tried to dodge the humps, which is an obvious danger to pedestrians. As other cars drove straight over the humps, I was surprised to clearly hear the grinding and scraping noise as their tyres were shaved. You'll notice in one picture that the hump has a jagged 3"- 4" grinding edge, finished off by a protruding step to pinch the tyre too. Thankfully, I have to pass over this set of humps only once a week, but locals must have hefty tyre bills. Perhaps the Saturday Telegraph's new expanded motoring section could have a regular 'name and shame' spot, where readers send in similar pictures and name the (ir)responsible council? (City and County of Cardiff in this case).

Asked on 5 June 2010 by NA, Marshfield

Answered by Honest John
Many thanks. They are dangerous because they could rip apart the inner (or outer) shoulder of a car tyre on one pass. They are worse than potholes because they are obstructions placed on the
road surface, then not maintained, so any damage from them would render the council directly liable. But please report them, with the photos to www.fixmystreet.co.uk , which will make the report a matter of record so any damage from the unrepaired humps will make the councils directly liable.
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