Can I combine a dash camera with a reverse parking camera?

I recently bought a Land Rover Discovery and am very pleased with it. Unlike my previous vehicle, it didn't come with a reversing camera. What is the best retro-fit model and, as I am also interested in a dash cam, is it something I should combine i.e. a forward and rear-facing camera with the rear displayable upfront?

Asked on 28 October 2019 by Simon Batten

Answered by Georgia Petrie
We haven't tested any aftermarket parking cameras, but the customer ratings on Amazon are always a good guideline as to what's worth spending your money on. AutoVox is a known brand to us as they make dash cams too, so the AutoVox reversing cameras are a good bet - this one also has very positive reviews:

Our advice for a front and rear dash cam would be either the Nextbase 422GW with rear cam module or the Z-Edge T4 dual dash cam, both of which we've tested and which we have linked to below. You can find footage in our reviews as well as the cheapest places to buy it currently. In terms of using a rear camera as a reverse camera, that won't work. The rear cam footage is shown in the corner of the dash cam, making it completely unsuitable for use as a parking camera. I'd recommend getting a proper parking camera that can link to the infotainment screen.

Nextbase dual dash cam review:

Z-Edge T4 review:
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