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Last November my new car had its bumper dented by a reversing car. The driver drove off but my wife had witnessed it all and noted its registration. I immediately informed my insurance company giving them all details. A few hours later I spotted the car parked in an adjacent road. I left a note under the wipers. The driver subsequently came to see me and paid for a new bumper. I again contacted my insurance company and informed them. We also run a second car. On its insurance renewal I discovered that because of the incident its premium would be increased by £120 (this despite it being a different car altogether). They informed me that the incident "follows the driver". This seems very unfair - especially as I understand that no claims bonuses cannot be transferred to second cars.

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Yes, it is extremely unfair, but an example of how insurers are behaving at the moment. Don't ever trust them. Don't tell them anything if you can settle the matter yourself. But in your case you merely reported an incident. You didn't make a “claim”. And neither did the other driver if he paid out of his own pocket. So there is no reason why you should be penalised.
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