How should my nephew deal with this fraudulent claim?

My nephew is struggling to keep his one-man business going, has asked me for help. A couple of weeks ago he was driving into his office car park past a car, which was parked on the hatched ‘no parking’ entrance area. He squeezed past and parked in his slot. A short while later a woman said that he had caused extensive damage to her car and demanded his name and address. He gave it and she drove off without giving her details. He does not think he touched her car, but if he did, the scratch would have been superficial. He has had a letter from Albany Assistance Limited demanding his insurance details. He has eight years' no-claims discount and does not want the claim to go through his insurers. He is prepared to pay for any damage to be rectified and the provision of a hire car for the day needed to get the repair done. How should he proceed without dealing with the claims management company and not knowing who the claimant is?

Asked on 25 May 2013 by PH, via email

Answered by Honest John
Write back to Albany Insurance saying that this is a false claim with no proof and that he will see them in court where he will contest this attempted fraud. If the claimant lies in court, that will be perjury and she could receive a prison sentence of nine months. He is not liable to furnish any details of his insurer if, as he says, there was no damage. In any case, if the woman parked on a cross-hatched “no parking” zone she was liable for any damage for “contributory negligence”.
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