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Do I need to tell my insurer about a speeding fine incurred in France?

I received a €45 fine in Calais when I triggered a speed camera. I paid this immediately on receiving the notification through the post and did not incur any points on my licence. During a conversation with a call centre agent in connection with my insurance renewal, I mentioned the fine and after going off to check, the agent confirmed that this infringement is not taken into consideration for insurance purposes. However, during a later call with a different agent, I again mentioned the fine and again the agent went off to check but this time came back and told me that it would increase my premium by £59 for my car and £61 for my wife's car? Could you tell me if the rules about these types of speeding fines in Europe affecting insurance premium costs have changed recently?

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No, it does not affect your insurance. Only penalties placed on your license by our judicial system affect your premiums. You have no need to notify them. Nothing has changed. This is the way it has always been.
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