My daughter renewed her insurance online but the payment did not go through - she then got stopped by the police?

My daughter renewed her insurance online and did not realise the payment had not gone through. Five days later she was pulled up by the police for driving while uninsured. She now has six points on her licence and had to pay to get her car from a police pound. That insurer will not insure her and she has had to go elsewhere for much more expensive insurance. The original insurer must know that she intended to pay and that the payment did not go through - not from lack of funds but presumably because the payment system failed during the transaction. What can she do?

Asked on 10 October 2019 by John Toppin

Answered by Tim Kelly
She should have contested in court and advised it was not "wilful". That way the extenuating could have been explained. You need to raise a complaint with the original insurer, but you also need to establish the reason for the non payment. If it was down to your daughter, nothing you can do, if it wasn't then I would be taking that insurer to task, initially by raising a complaint, and if no joy, I would be seeking to take legal action against them.
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