Our next-door neighbour keeps reversing his works vehicle into our wall - what can we do?

Our next-door neighbour keeps reversing his works vehicle into our two-metre high garden wall to provide him with security for the contents. Attempts to resolve have been ignored. We have clear damage to the wall. What can we do? Local Authorities have offered no help.

Asked on 16 September 2019 by Alison Anderson

Answered by Tim Kelly
Civil disputes are always a pain to sort out. I would have a solicitor write to him advising that he is damaging your property and that you are seeking compensation. I would outline his options to him. He can cease in his actions causing damage to your property, rectify the damage he has caused or you will be seeking compensation for the full restoration of the wall and checking the foundations. Contact your house insurer and see what legal assistance that may be provided with it.
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