Is it better to claim through house insurance or car insurance?

My stepson's car was parked on his driveway overnight. After a storm, his car suffered £2000 to £3000 of damage by tiles from the garage roof. The car is undriveable. Can he claim from his house insurance or must it be through his car insurance?

Asked on 18 March 2019 by Tony Wilkinson

Answered by Tim Kelly
Claim via the house insurance. Avoid claiming through his car insurance as the premium will increase. It does get awkward if the house insurance is in his name, as insurers have contractual restrictions on property that has insurance elsewhere that you can claim from. You will need to assure them you will not be claiming of both policies, and that his excess prohibits him from making the claim as he cannot afford it, while the loss of roof tiles and consequential damages is covered by his home insurance (if it is).
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