My brand new car caught fire - who is liable?

My brand new Mercedes-Benz caught fire. It broke down and I didn't get any warning signs on the dashboard so I called Mercedes roadside assistance and they sent the RAC to check my car. After two hours of checking he couldn't find a fault than he drove the car and car was fine again so he said take it to Mercedes tomorrow and he left. I was 40 miles from home so got back on the motorway after roughly 15 miles it started jerking again so I came off the motorway and pulled over. I opened the bonnet and there was fire underneath the engine - by the time the fire brigade came 50% of the was on fire. Who is liable?

Asked on 12 September 2019 by J hashemi

Answered by Honest John
Mercedes-Benz might say it is an insurance claim. But if this happened within 30 days of purchase (which it must have for a 59 reg) I think you can demand your money back or a direct replacement from the supplying dealer.
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