Will my insurance cover me if my dashcam is stolen?

I am looking to get a dashcam that covers the car if I am not there, e.g. someone hitting my car while parked in a car park. My understanding is the dashcam would need to be mounted, just as you would if driving, to cover the car at such times. What concerns me is the risk of theft, you are always told to remove anything of value from plain sight when you are not around.

I'm just trying to understand how to have this protection, but not lose out if someone puts a window in and steals it, would the insurance not say they won't pay, because it should not have been left on display in the car?

I suspect you will say leave it up, but if that is the case, where would you stand if it does get stolen, would the insurance refuse to pay the claim?

Asked on 22 July 2019 by Alan

Answered by Tim Kelly
No, the insurer would not refuse to pay, whether it would be worthwhile claiming is a different matter. I would certainly leave it up.
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