Do we need to tell our insurance company if we fit all-weather tyres?

Our son's Hyundai i20 has 195/50/R16 88V tyres fitted. He would like to fit Michelin CrossClimate tyres but these are only available in 55 or 60. Would either of these profiles be permissible to fit without changing wheel size? If fitted, would the insurance company need informing?

Asked on 17 June 2019 by Tiiggermann

Answered by Honest John
See if you can get Continental AllSeason Contacts in the correct size. Failing that, Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen II. If the tyres are the correct size then fitting all-weather tyres does not need to be disclosed as a modification to an insurer. Check Tyres On The Drive ( and ( for sizes and prices and read our Tyre Buying Guide (
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